Well so far so good - Ena continues to feed two crias and seems to be enjoying the rush of endorphins or is it hormones that you get whilst breastfeeding .... whatever,  long may it last!   I am very carefully stage managing it all, keeping them in a stable with an outside pen onto the yard so they get some sunshine. Tomorrow I'll put them out in the little paddock for a few hours and see what happens. Eros has gained weight and Bliss has put on all of .1 of a kilo but it is a gain and she has refused all bottles offered. Ena is happy on her picked grass and increased feed rations.  Poor Bettina is still looking for her Bliss but is calming down and grazing with the others again. I wanted a picture of them both feeding but didn't manage to get one but here they are just enjoying each others company.

Eros, Bliss and Ena

We have had around 40 of the Swanmore Guides here the last two evenings - great kids with lots of really good questions about alpacas and fleece - maybe some alpaca breeders for the future?

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