Meonstoke School Visit

One of my favourite group visits this morning ...  22 children and their teachers from the Reception class of Meonstoke Primary School came for their annual trip to our farm. We know the school really well as Rebecca went there and they come every year and really love the experience.  They were extremely well behaved, as always, and asked loads of really good questions ranging from how long are the babies in their mummies tummies,  to how much do they eat, what are ear tags for etc.  Of course there are a few tricky questions to negotiate such as how do the babies get out... (under their mummies tail) and how are they made ... (you need a mummy and a daddy) and the inevitable giggling when the pacas had a visit to the poo pile - how much do they 'go' they ask - alot I replied! One little boy asked me how old they were when they got married - cute!  After a good run round one of the empty fields, then a drink and a biscuit they had their painting session,  amazing pictures given it was so windy.  They went back to school with lots of alpaca postcards and fleece to make fluffy pipe cleaner alpacas of their own ... here's some of their pictures...

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