Not much to report, as all is quiet on the farm this week, which is just as well as I've managed to put my back out lifting our two dogs over a fence whilst out on a walk ... mmm the moral of the story is to stick to the footpaths!!

Hopefully my acupuncturist has worked her usual magic and I will soon be back bouncing round the farm as usual ...  what was that ... do you mind!!!

Anyway, I have been saving the last of our rested juicy autumn grass with the intentions of moving the mums and crias into it at the weekend, but as I have been forbidden to lift any hay bales for at least a day, and I couldn't even if I tried, I moved them all in there this afternoon, they won't want hay for days!  They were delighted and spent a very happy five minutes or so racing and pronking about, well those who weren't just getting stuck in to the grass anyway. It's only a small paddock so they'll probably be in it for a week or so and then it's time for a big sort out with weaning time for at least half of them.


  1. Lovely photos of happy alpacas. I have grass envy, we're all frosted over and expecting snow.

  2. Thanks Bev ... I actually can't believe how much grass we still have, I suppose it's one good thing out of our wet summer! Hope your snow goes soon!

  3. Excuse me but where is all the mud? Is there no mud in Hampshire?