Today was our first frosty morning, we had bright blue skies and a beautiful sunrise, the start of a perfect Autumn day. There was no way I was going stay indoors for long, so first a dog walk to enjoy the frost and then the usual feed rounds and check of the pacas. Domestic chores followed and then some visitors and then another lovely dog walk with the girls this afternoon in the Forest of Bere which is just up the road from us. It seemed that everyone from miles around had the same idea, I don't think I've ever seen so many dogs, fortunately the Forest is big enough to find plenty of empty space and it was looking beautiful.

Forest of Bere
It's been fairly quiet on the farm lately, we wormed and AD&E'd everybody a couple of weeks ago - next job toe nails, but not for a couple of weeks.  We've had quite a few enquiries lately and yesterday we had a lovely family come for a Beginners Course.  I need to add a few more animals to our sales list ... I never like parting with them ... but can't keep them all.  It won't be long and we'll have weanling boys on it from this years crop, they'll be ready to go in January and February.

 All our females are in the big fields and so I'm being lazy and not poo hoovering - I just wouldn't know where to start! I'll harrow them when they come out of there in a couple of weeks and then hopefully we'll get a few more frosty days to help clean it all up. Our grass has still been growing a little and the next fields they'll be moving into look lush and still beautifully green. They're eating a bit of hay now and my supplies are pretty low, so I must soon go on the hunt for some good hay, I hope that won't be too difficult this year after our appalling summer.  Anyway here's some pics I took late this afternoon.

Crias keeping their eye on the Marmalade our cat

Macy Grey

Cotton Fields

Topsey Turvey


Some of the girls


The boys

Phew llama breath! 

The boys with their guardian Yerba

Home sweet home