Out three nights in a row - Thursday a Young Farmers meeting at the Liphook Equine Hospital, (and before all you rude people tell me that I'm far too old for Young Farmers, I was invited to join Rebecca on her first evening out with them!) much reminiscing for me as for years in my horsey past I took many a lame or sick horse there. It's all changed now, very high tech, state of the art, quite amazing facilities.

Friday evening we joined a farm walk, on tractors and trailors hardly any walking.., round Sparsholt College, which included a visit to their intensive pig unit and whilst we were in the farrowing unit we saw a little piggy being born - or should I say propelled at speed into an incredibly filthy, and overwhelmingly stinky environment - pigs must be tough! At the end of the evening we were served a port roast!

Last night we were at our neighbours 50th Birthday bash, a very big and very posh marquis, a brilliant  singer who sounded just like Michael Buble, another delicious pork roast, followed by lots of dancing, before hobbling home in my torturous heels the 100 yards up our stoney drive in the pitch black around 1am!

I did wonder if all that very loud music might get the due girls going - well something did and Bonaventure and Toffee Apple produced this morning - both at the same time, so it was a bit like Wimbledon with all the looking left and right! Toffee wasn't progressing with hers so Lucy held her, not that she was objecting, she seemed relieved to get the help, whilst I had a feel. Two front legs in the right place, but just a neck and the top of ears .. head pointing down, rather than out, so no way that was going to come out. There seemed to be quite a bit of space thankfully so I gently cupped the mouth in my hand and brought the head up into line with the feet and exit ... then we left her to it.

Toffee had a big strong dark fawn boy, by Ardingly, he has a bit of a bent ear at the moment but otherwise fine, apart from being the wrong colour - we were hoping for a grey. Bonaventure had a sweet little white girl, by Snowmass Invincibly Elite, her first and she is a doting mum, she's going to be a stunner.

Now I must go and get the dinner out of the oven - cow not pig, for a change!

Toffee Apple and Rinky Dink (that might get changed !)

Bonaventure and Bossy Boots - and me checking teats to see if they've been recently sucked!


She's a very petite 5.2 kgs!

Alana getting broody - she's next on the list

A slightly odd look with his squashed ear ...


  1. I think that they should have been Pinky and Perky after all that pork! Bossy Boots looks especially lovely...our Snooty Boots is due any time now!

    1. Thanks Barbara - yes she's gorgeous, I love her! Good luck with your Snooty Boots!

  2. Congratulations. Rinky Dink is fantastic, I think it's against the law to change a name like that!

    1. Thanks Mark! Rinky Dink it is then - wouldn't want to get into trouble with the law!

  3. Both gorgeous crias but I'm with Mark on Rinky Dink! Hope Alanas delivers soon!