A really quick update on the show - Ellingham is less than an hour away for us, so we didn't have to get up too early, it was fun, very relaxed and enjoyable, with perfect weather and plenty of time to chat.  I'm looking forward to next year's already!  I really liked having our own pen next to the show ring, with our car and trailor beside us, none of that lugging about of stuff! Our little show team of 4 intermediate females and 3 adult males did us proud, with 1 x 3rd, 2 x 2nd, 4 x 1st and The Sorcerer, Macy Grey and Enigma all awarded colour Champions.

Back home and little Hunky Dory had lost his splint which I put on yesterday, my first attempt, so tomorrow I will have to adjust it slightly and use a bit more vet-wrap to hopefully hold it in place a bit longer.

Now for fish and chips and a large GnT ... oh and I have a very red nose!

Hunky Dory

The boys

The girls hiding in the trailor!

Our Champions - Enigma, Macy Grey and The Sorcerer


Yara & Yoko and Arthur and Alana getting ready to leave home.

A couple of hours later and they're getting on with the important task of eating that lovely grass at their new home.
Ethan and Andy with one of their amazingly friendly females.

I'm always a little sad to see our homebred girls leave us, but I know these are going to a five star home with Sally, Andy and Ethan and their two very friendly white girls.


This morning dawned grey and cloudy - the forecast was for showers in the afternoon with strong winds.  At breakfast time, surrounded by an alarming amount of defrosting Gateaux's, I sipped my cup of lemon and ginger tea and wondered if anyone would turn up to our Open Day to eat them all!

Someone, somewhere was looking out for us, we were so lucky... we had perfect weather, dry and mostly sunny, but not hot, and whilst the wind occasionally sent a few paper plates flying, it wasn't so strong that we lost the tents - not quite anyway!

I have to say we couldn't have done it without all our helpers - they were amazing and they all worked so hard to make it a huge success and so much fun too - I must mention Ethan here - he was our smallest helper and was a real trouper! Other special thanks go to our Spinning ladies, who gave a wonderful demonstration.

I have no idea how many people came, we didn't count, but more than we've ever had before if the amount of teas and cake consumed are anything to go on!

Everyone was so complimentary about the farm and our animals, making all our efforts worth while. Peter has worked especially hard this week, and his manicured and almost poo free paddocks didn't go unnoticed. I'll let him have a couple of days off I think!

As for me, I know I'll be tired tomorrow, but for now I'm still buzzing, very pleased with how it all went, all the planning paid off and I have taken notes of improvements for the next one.  It was great to see so many people genuinely interested and enjoying alpacas.

The only picture I took ... just never had the chance to take more!


So, just home from Cash & Carry with a car full of paper cups and plates and one hell of a lot of cake! I do hope the weather behaves for us tomorrow, at the moment we're dry and mostly sunny with a gale blowing. We had a thunder storm in the night and a couple of very heavy showers first thing this morning, so the pacas look lovely and clean. Our big party tent is up, or was last time I looked! Signs everywhere, pens for the sale animals up, loo in place, fleeces weighed and priced, and Peter is still out there poo-hoovering, bless him. He has worked very hard this week and the farm looks lovely and tidy.

We're offering quite a few alpacas for sale this time - at special prices for the Open Day. There will be females with cria at foot, and those without cria - all pregnant to our Snowmass boys, a trio of yearling females, plus a couple of very lovely two year boys who are ready to work, who are progeny of Snowmass Invincibly Elite xx. And of course some boys for field pets. So plenty for everyone.

I went out this afternoon to take pictures of them all, but they wouldn't co-operate, just kept standing altogether in a heap - or making funny faces!

I did get a few snaps though ...

Pet Boys

Nursery Field - looking green again after the rain.

The girls in a heap!



Bonnie again - posing, isn't she beautiful and one of our Special offers..

Every year I have a favourite cria, this year we have so many gorgeous ones, but Hoity Toity, or as we we prefer to call her 'Flopsie' because of her floppy ear is the one - she is just beautiful and gentle and innocent looking - I love her!