So to bring you up to date ..  Ena was seemingly happy to feed both Eros and Bliss whilst being kept in, but as soon as I turned them back out in the field with the other mums and crias she had a hasty change of mind and poor Bliss was again without a regular supply of milk and was getting told off by everyone  in her attempts to steal milk. Very sad.  So on to Plan C, remove Bliss from everybody until she would accept a bottle properly which now she is, thank goodness.

Today we have taken on another cria, Bruno, who has had a similar poor start and needs bottle feeding away from his mum for just the same reasons and the two of them are getting to know one another and are guzzling goats milk every 2 or 3 hours. Maybe we should get a goat ... maybe not .. I had a couple of goat kids years ago, very sweet to start with and used to come along with me when I took the dog for a walk,  no leads just like having a pack of dogs, and my cat too, quite a sight ... but then they grew up and were a total nightmare escaping all the time and eating everything except grass, but I do like them, especially the ones with the long floppy ears, and I love goats cheese!

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