Husbandry Course

The sun shone beautifully today for our Introductory Course, quite a relief after yesterdays miserable rain and tomorrows too I think.... luck was on our side again. What a really lovely group of people, lots of questions, most I think I managed to answer, the whole day was a pleasure. The pacas behaved beautifully, of course, and the weanlings benefitted from lots of handling. I'm always a bit nervous about cooking for so many people I don't know, but the food seemed to go down ok ... but it was a bit of a squash round the table... must get on and build our lecture room.

I fancy a change of scene tomorrow, so going to take Pixie Lott, our rather old and very green campervan out for a spin, weather permitting - the roof leaks - got all inspired by One Man and His Campervan on telly this week, may even make a cup of tea in her and a bacon roll... lobster next week.. won't be doing any camping overnight in her though, not til the summer, no heating, will need my alpaca duvet even then... shame she won't pull a trailor, would be fun at the shows ....

Halter training versus website?!

1st February already and I can think of loads of excuses why I haven't been blogging - from new computer, and all the hassel that it brings, to projects on the farm, to just feeling lazy actually...

Why is it that I forget so easily what I have to do to upload images on my website? I must have spent about an hour and a half trying to do just that this morning and then suddenly I did something right and it worked ... I must write it down somewhere! We've set the date for our Open Day - 7th August, so put it in your diarys.

I've been halter training the crias as we've weaned them, most have got the hang of it. Also selected those to go to the Futurity next month, of course they're the ones that have been the most reluctant to stand still and lead quietly... always the way. I was going to do a bit with them this morning, but as its cold, grey and damp outside I decided that I would catch up in the office instead with a nice cup of coffee, biscuits missing as I'm trying to reduce the flab I collected at Christmas.

I'm also waiting for our builders to turn up to finish the shelter extension ... looks really good now. Another project that's nearly finished is the clearing of the drive... all started with a bit of pruning and I decided to be more drastic and got Dave with his digger in! Peter and I planted 3 sack fulls of daff bulbs, a fantastic bargain from SCATS, (I love that shop). The idea is to plant it all with grass and keep it mowed ... we'll see, got to be better than it was... anyway, now it provides a more noval walk for the weanlings in and out of the trees.