Not much happening on the farm today, I say that from my perspective of course, Peter would probably disagree, as he's been filling in holes on the driveway and poo picking, whilst I've been shopping and baking!  We're shearing tomorrow, I'm a bit worried about the weather, but there's nothing I can do about it. We organised the yard in readiness. Two holding pens, two shearing mats, waste bags, disinfectant, fleece bags, fleece room, scales, sorting table, paper work, marker pens, antiseptic spray, tooth wire, towels, hand washing stuff, and food and drink for everyone.  We have a great shearing team again this year and Mike Banks and his helper from Shearco will be coming as usual to do their magic on the herd. We have a lot of fun on shearing day, but it's hard work.... if I get a chance I'll take some snaps, but for the meantime pics below of the yard all spick and span and waiting for action! By the way Zumba was brillient (as was the curry and beer afterwards!) and I don't ache at all - bet I will after shearing! No births today and hopefully not tomorrow.....

Girls relaxing in the shade, little do they know what awaits them!

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