I'm still buzzing! Totally knackered, got that weird lightheaded tiredness that can only be sorted by a lazy Sunday afternoon with a bar of chocolate and a movie in front of the telly, followed by a takeaway supper and a very early night!

This year's show was as good if not better than anticipated with a collection of over 400 of the highest quality alpacas in the UK.   It was a real privilege to have our animals judged by Amanda VandenBosch from the USA and Jill MacLeod from Canada, and I felt real pride in their praise of our industry and the quality of animals we are all producing.

I don't have many photos to show you and I forgot to take my proper camera so apologies for that..  I'm so thrilled with our  show team of 10 who did rather well! 1 x 1st, 3 x 2nds, 3 x 3rds and 2 x 4ths. The Sorcerer won his intermediate grey class and then took Champion Grey Male and Bonami who came an extremely close 2nd and Reserve Champion to Fowberry Nobility, who then went on to win Best Huacaya in the Show.

My congratulations go to all those who played a part in the organisation leading up to and at the show, the sponsors, all those who took part, took ribbons and almost took ribbons! A was a superb showcase for the British Alpaca Industry and we must all give ourselves a huge pat on the back for coming so far in such a short time.

We had great fun, lovely to see everyone again and catch up with each other and meet new people, especially those who took the trouble to come from afar, hope we see you again soon.

Anyway, here are some pictures and now I'm going back out in the pouring rain to check everyone before returning to the sofa!

The Sorcerer - I'm still smiling!

Rebecca with Cotton Fields 4th Junior Black Female

Rebecca with Marah 3rd Junior Brown Female

Rebecca with Marah

Amanda giving her oral reasons on the Junior Grey Females - I'm on the left with Macy Grey who was 2nd.

Bonami and The Sorcerer 


  1. Fantastic results Meon Valley looked fantastic (and you and Rebecca too of course). That Bonami is one handsome dude (not a flattering photo!!!)

  2. Thank you Barbara - I'm hoping someone will send me a better photo of him!

  3. Congratulations, you must be thrilled that all the hard work paid off! One day, maybe next year, I'm going to treat myself to a trip to the Futurity just to see all those fantastic animals for real!

  4. Congratulations! You must be very proud, so many ribbons and places!! :)
    PLEASE forgive my ignorance, but you mention Amanda giving 'Oral reasons' - what does that mean? I have only attended a couple of shows in Tasmania, and haven't heard of this. :) Lisa

    1. Thank you! At the end of the class the Judge will talk through their decisions on order of placing to the audience and exhibitors - this is oral reasoning.

      Hope that makes sense, still too tired to think straight - and I would be hopeless at it!!!!

  5. Well done, it was good to meet and chat.