Shearing went well - the first few were a bit damp as we had a shower the previous evening, but wasn't a problem. We started about 8.15 and were finished by 12 ish... We had two shearing stations going and I skirted the fleeces and weighed them as they come off.  Everyone worked really well as a team and we managed to keep up with Mike as he sheared effortlessly through our herd. That's when you know who your friends are - cheers Allison, Stuart and Dave and Lucy - hope you don't ache too much today!!

We had a heavy shower in the afternoon which was a bit of a shock to the poor pacas, but they didn't get that wet as they were sheltering under the trees. However the forecast was for a cold night with maybe a ground frost - in June???? and rain all day today, so we moved all the girls in their 2 groups of 'due and mums and crias',  and 'the others' into the fields with the big shelter and put loads of hay in for them.  They didn't need any persuading to go in .... the rain started first thing this morning and has just kept on and on ... just what we need, more than an inch and the first proper rain for about 3 months, but not what we're used to!

Two shearing stations keeps all of us busy - is that Peter I see leaning on a brush?!

Cosy pacas

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