Great holiday - lovely to be back

Just back from a week in Ibiza - had a great time with not an alpaca in site! Very hot 38 degrees every day and didn't go below 22 degrees at night. The sea was lovely and the company great fun. Very chilled! Rebecca went to her first night clubs - she loved it and so did I! Brought some tunes back with us and we're going to have an Ibiza party soon....

Loved these cactus - look like feet!

All fine on the farm when I came back - no new problems and Bretta and her cria rebonded so they're back out and he's playing again - well done Peter. Woke (after 10 hours sleep) to rain - hurray, we so desperately need it. Spent the day doing all the usual post holiday jobs, and then vaccinated some crias, they've all grown so much in a week. Did a few spit offs only to find that we have a couple of resits to do.... got 2 or 3 weeks to get them pregnant as we stop matings at the end of August.