Blimey, so much rain! Poor Beulah has been humming very noisily yesterday and this morning, and walking in a very peculiar way, so we knew it wouldn't be long. Being the wise paca mama that she is, she waited until there was a gap in the weather and delivered her enormous and stunning cria, by Snowmass Incan King out in the field.

I prefer to leave them outside for the first few hours if at all possible so that they learn to get up and walk and find the milk bar without crashing into walls and trying to suck off any old dark place they can find. So I put a coat on him and went off to the Chiropractor to be stretched and cracked! Now they're cosy in the stable and his dry colour is beginning to show - wow - he gleams and its a gorgeous orangutang kind of shade under electric lights. Will probably have to get the colour chart out for this one.  He hasn't got a name yet as we can't agree on one!

Lunge ring or duck pond?

The multi-talented Dave's been here today with his wonderful JCB and squashed down all the rabbit warrens so I don't have to worry about anyone falling down the holes - bunnies will have to go elsewhere!

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