I spent yesterday afternoon at The Alpaca Stud gossiping and admiring beautiful Snowmass crias and brought Dove II and her Nyetimber cria,  Dipper or Dapper.... can't make up our minds, home. Dove is a real sweetie and has a stunning fleece, albeit in two colours, and we took the gamble of maybe getting a grey cria from her but it didn't quite work, apart from his little grey feet!  He is gorgeous though and those in the multi classes better look out next year! They've settled in really well and Dipper-Dapper has had fun with his new playmates - Calista and Treasure (now being fed properly).

Dove & Dipper-Dapper

When I arrived home at around 7pm I did a check of the due girls and found Ena looking a bit uncomfortable and showing signs of being in the 1st stages of labour.... kept an eye for a while and as she was very calm and quiet left well alone. I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't have noticed anything but I am very in tune with them and can spot things early, usually.  At 9.30pm we decided to check her out and she was barely dilated and there was no sign of a torsion... I thought she would either get going in the next hour or wait and have an early morning birth. Went to bed at 10.45 all quiet ... alarm on for 5pm ... woke at 4 and peeped out the window and she was sat quite happily chewing the cud. Next thing I knew it was 6.45am, I had turned the 5am alarm off earlier having woken from a ridiculous dream of riding a horse up scaffolding....   opened the blind and there she was, feeding her cria! Clever girl.... went out to see what we had - a boy, oh well, he is rather lovely and a beautiful mid fawn, our first Snowmass Incan King and she is totally besotted with him.  Who's next - maybe Beulah or Orchid (she doesn't even look pregnant, but thought I could feel something??...)

Ena and Eros

Being born is soooo tiring!

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