The weather is awful - rain, windy miserable, forecast to get worse and not in the slightest bit like June. This morning I spent a stupid amount of time trying to send off emails requesting sponsorship for the Romsey Show, a task which always makes me feel uncomfortable anyway, and I say trying because our internet goes off more than it's on, which I find enormously frustrating and puts me in a foul mood - I may have to explore a dongle - whatever that is?! Of course at very regular intervals I was watching  the due females from the window ...  they kept going out of sight in search of shelter just down the dip, which meant I had to keep going outside in the rain  or go upstairs and look out of the bedroom window, but all quiet, no-one was doing anything.

About 12.30 I was feeling very tired and bored, Peter came back from the tip, having dumped our old freezer, I declared lunch -  we decided to have some soup (yes very wintery). Nipped upstairs to look out the window ... rain all over it, so couldn't see very well, got the binoculars out and had a quick scan ... some in a huddle... counted ...  10, 11, 12, 13 ...  hang on, suddenly a little bright white face appeared out of the gloom that I didn't recognise! "We've got a cria!" I yell, instantly wide awake, no longer bored! Legged it outside armed with iodine, a towel and a cria coat.

The cria belonged to Selene, daughter of Strawberry Shortcake a grey, due on 7 June to Ardingly ... I confess I was a little disappointed, the white face is fine, just like a grey, but the rest should have been grey, not brown, and it was a boy! Oh well, someone will love him!  Rain not too heavy, I dried him off as much as possible and put a coat on him and left them to bond. Lunch watching the newbie trying to stand, and then finding his way to the milk bar.  The weather deteriorated and forecast to go on for hours and hours, so around 4pm Rebecca and I brought them in to a cosy stable.  We've been compiling a list of names and his is going to be Hocus Pocus .. seems to suit him!

Callico is doing fine - last day of her antibiotics - little Karma is a cutie, very inquisitive and bold - the rain has washed her, she had a pink tinge from her birth, she has a couple of small fawn spots and she's mainly white, but with a slightly fawn tail ... she probably won't get in the show team then! Tomorrow I'll put Selene and Hocus Pocus out with them and Karma will have a buddy to play with.

Meanwhile Bozedown Jumper is still hanging on - tomorrow she will be 365 days.

Callico & Good Karma

Weanlings looking streamlined

Check out those ears on Touchwood at the front - just like his daddy Incan King!

Callico enjoying an extra breakfast as a reward for her jab!

Doting mum - this year she knows what to do!

Hocus Pocus with milky lips!


  1. He is utterly adorable! I would buy him in a heart beat...but don't tell my husband unless Hocus Pocus can do magic! Hope the weather picks up x

    1. Thanks Lianne - I'm sure you can work your own Magic on your husband!

  2. Great name Hocus Pocus...wish I had thought of that one for Magic Charm's cria! Come on Jumper get on with it we want to see him/ her!!

  3. You could always use the name Barbara ... we wouldn't mind!

  4. He may well be a genetic rose grey. One of my rose grey looked that shade of brown on the outside but was rose grey inside her fleece. Wait and see what he looks like at six months.

  5. Still laughing at Touchwood and his ears :) Great photos :) Lisa

  6. Love the Mum and baby photos..