So our little premie girl is doing OK. We haven't named her officially, just in case - but she's affectionally known as Munchkin or Munchie ... and she's a real character. She no longer wants a bottle and is even beginning to put on a little weight. But the best bit is that she is playing with the other crias now. Each time we go out to her paddock she runs up to great us and then happily follows us to her mum for a suckle, she's very crafty and as Calico only stands for a limited time for her to feed, she tops herself up tvia the backdoor - that's a bit hazardous at times as you can imagine, often done whilst Calico at the poo pile!

Munchie on the run

Come to say hello

Come on this way to Mum ...

Now theres your mum!

 And for some other crias ...
Andromeda with her Snowmass Roll of Honor female
Cotton Candy with Roll the Dice by Snowmass Roll of Honor 
Bonita with Baratheon her Snowmass Golden Legend boy

Athos from The Sorcerer - just love this little chap

Joffrey - a Snowmass Roll of Honor