Eleven and a half months is an awfully long time to wait....  our first female, Bozedown Jumper was due on 13 May, that was her 11 month date so now she is over the average and she still doesn't look remotely interested in producing anything. There's definitely one in there, I've seen it move about... at this rate she's going to catch up with our early June girls,  Bonaventure and Selene, both 11 months on 7th, and Calico on the 14th and she is always early.

To be honest I really don't mind who does it first, as long as the cria is cooked, healthy and bonds well with mum, who of course has masses of quality milk! The waiting seems endless, I'm not known for my patience! I want some crias and I want them NOW!

Rebecca and I had a day at the Bath & West Show yesterday, not showing but watching and gossiping,  I was missing the show thing - well its been a couple of weeks since the last and its always good to talk 'paca' all day with equally alpaca-obsessed friends!

Back home and today we took some of our weanling boys to our village summer Fair. Not sure why they call it a fair, there were no rides, apart from on donkeys... it was a lovely day and a good crowd turned up and of course everyone loved our alpacas. Topsey Turvey had been to the Nationals, so it wasn't such a shock to him to go off-farm, but the other 3 didn't really know what to make of it all, what with all the dogs and little kids. The funniest bit was when the two donkeys were unloaded from their trailor and made a bee-line at speed, dragging their owners behind them, towards our pen to investigate the pacas, eee-awwing at the same time! The surprise on their faces, pacas and donkeys ... I just couldn't get my phone out quickly enough to really capture it, and I did think for a second I might have to catch a falling alpaca as it exploded skywards out of the pen -  things had calmed down a bit by the time I got my picture!

Due girls this morning - nothing happening 

 What would they say to each other?

Calico and daughter her Cassandra

Taking it easy in the shade

My screen saver for the week

Silly Moo-ers who won't Mooove out the way on our walk

Very cute and very tame 


  1. Jumper is maybe just waiting until she gets her sweater off!!

    I used 340 gestation dates for our two Bozedown females ( watching from 11 months). Celestrial went to 345. Magic Charm 340 today and looking like a possible. Come on Jumper (it seems that most of the Classic Auction females have produced girls...except Celestrial).

    1. Well that's purt the kibosh on it then Barbara - we're bound to have a boy now!

  2. Poor you, the waiting, waiting, waiting is the worst...still, the are going to be some beautiful results very soon! :) Lisa

  3. You can bet that they'll all arrive together...they are probably hatching a plan...you know the way, wet day, wait till the humans are really busy, cook it well past the due date 'cause it's great to see them in their pyjamas checking us early each morning!
    Good luck with births and hope it's all pink booties!