Alpacas are beautiful and a bit quirky, that's what we all love about them.  When you add a stunning model, a professional photographer with a unique style, stylists, hair and make-up artists they help make the most striking pictures.

Yesterday we played host to a fashion shoot by Emy Lou and whilst I can't share her pictures with you just yet,  I can show you some behind-the-scenes shots which I took with my phone. Emy, her model Valentina and team arrived around 9am, by which time the clear and frosty morning was rapidly deteriorating, with menacing, deep grey skies heralding the forecasted heavy showers for the day. Emy and her team settled themselves into the den for the day, which within a very short time resembled Rebecca's bedroom - well not that bad, but almost as much make-up!

I left them to it for a while and fed and moved animals about with Lucy.  Those clouds then dumped torrential rain, thoroughly soaking the already wet alpacas and adding that good old British chill to a dismal November day. There were however, brief glimpses of the sun, and the rain eventually moved along, allowing everyone to get on with the shoot. 

Rebecca and I herded animals about so that they stayed in the background, sometimes handing a soggy alpaca to the very scantily dressed Valentina, who I don't think had even seen one before, but who remained very chilled, or it could be that she was just frozen to the spot! We held a branch here and there and generally got in the way I suspect. It all took hours as the poor girl had to be thawed out between dresses. I did feel sorry for her, maybe modelling isn't all that glamorous after all! I think it was a pretty unique experience for everyone, we really enjoyed the day,  and I can't wait to see the finished pictures and video.  Emy Lou's website  Model Valentina 

Strike a pose?
Not the best 'get-up' for handling alpacas!
Rebecca gets in on the action!

The dressing gown coming off between shots ... brrrr

Alpacas only slightly interested now - this kind of thing is always going on in our field!!

Brie and Cotton Fields - posing

Cast iron - makes for a very cold bum!

That's cosier!

Would quite like to eat that hay you're sat on!