1st January 2014 - Happy New Year everyone!  Outside it's blowing hard with very heavy rain, and I think a day mostly indoors keeping warm and dry is probably the best plan, starting with this post!

This morning we waved goodbye to two of our intermediate boys Agent and Touchwood, as they went off to their new home with Liz and Gus who already have some of our older boys. I know they will be well cared for and loved, and they're very nearby, so I often drive past their field and will see them from time to time.

We weaned the crias last week, we had a couple of dry and sunny days and they have the big field shelter all to themselves, so they're fine, they actually settled very quickly with only Bossy Boots making a fuss every time I appear. Their mums are all now with the main group of females and we kept them out of sight of the weanlings for a few days and they too soon settled, though are still hanging out together as a group.

Not much else is going on so I'll leave you with a few pics from 2013

Weanlings December 2013

Goldie and Selene Summer
Bonami at the Nationals 1st & Reserve Champion Fawn Male

Enigma and Macy Grey Spring

Medusa just loved the camera!

Bonaventure a very proud first time mum to Bossy Boots

Back in January - at least they were dry!
The Sorcerer winning at the Nationals

Basking in the warm sunshine

Mid summer evening frolic

Champions back home from one of the shows - Enigma, Macy Grey and The Sorcerer

Mid Summer greenery

Our intermediate boys - Agent and Touchwood the fawns in the middle

Group of females

Ready to go to the Show

Eros at the Nationals 1st 

Weanlings Feb 2013