Kim Lauko the Technician from the Australian Alpaca Fibre Testing (AAFT) arrived very late last night after what sounded like a very stressful 5 hour journey without a sat-nat from Suffolk...

Today's weather was a soggy mixture of driving rain and drizzle ...  nothing like the forecast - thankfully we were all indoors for an excellent Workshop where Kim explained very patiently and thoroughly all the ins and outs of fibre testing and how to analyse the results to assist us with our breeding decisions for improvement in fibre - fascinating. Sadly it was not quite picnic weather, shame but we all gossiped happily in the stable instead.... She then set about testing hundreds of samples, most of the attendees were able to stay to watch their samples being tested and discuss their results with her. I'm looking forward to studying our results and seeing how they compare to previous years.... and using all the added information that the AAFT offers.  Tomorrow Kim's off to The New Forest to Faraway Alpacas to do more testing.

Kim hard at work..

Thankfully no cria came today and although it's very wet outside most of them stayed out grazing as it wasn't cold - our little grey boy The Sorcerer is sporting a very flashy blue coat as he is a bit weeny (and a mummies pet) - the others are toughing it out.

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  1. Thank you for a very interesting and enjoyable morning Karen. Got home without getting lost too! Sue