A day trip to London, just an hour on the train and we left the sleepy green pastures of Hampshire to be immersed in a world of concrete and crowds. Madam Tussaud's seemed like a good idea until we stood in the line for around 10 minutes only to come to a sign that said Queue 2 hours from this point! Apparently even if you book ahead on-line you still have to queue for 40 minutes to get in! Not known for my patience we got back on the tube and made for Harrods instead!

We lunched and we browsed, and we fantasised about winning the lottery and being able to afford those sparkly dresses that cost hundreds even in the 70% off sales,  amazing £12,000 Lalique vases, gorgeous handbags, wacky beds. For a couple of hours we drifted through the various departments until our feet were aching and we felt shopped out, although we had nothing to show for it!

Another tube journey and off to Covent Garden for a mooch about until the rush hour had subsided and then back home on the train opposite commuters falling asleep with their mouths open .... not a pretty sight!

London is great in very small doses and thankfully it's near enough to do that every now and then, certainly a good exercise in appreciation - I do love my home in the sleepy green pastures of Hampshire and I am very content with my simple life breeding alpacas, even if I sometimes go all day without seeing a soul - I am very lucky indeed. If I won the lottery I would buy a barn for the pacas before I bought sparkly dresses anyway!

We had another dry morning - amazing, thats 3 in a row! All the weanlings are now eating hard food and it's lovely to see them all tuck in to their breakfast. Just when I think all is under control as I tidy up outside the weanlings shelter I found a poo with tapeworms on it. I had no idea who was shedding, but if one was then probably more have them too and so out with the panacur and drench syringe and they all received a generous dose. I will keep a close watch on them and do some faecals in a week or so, it should sort them out but sometimes they need to have a few consecutive days of panacur to clear tapeworms.

Weanlings having their breakfast

Sorry, yucky picture of poo with tapeworms, the white bits which are not in focus, but thought one of you might be interested, though on reflection you would probably have preferred to see the lovely Lalique vases!


  1. I know what you mean about venturing into civilisation, though London is MUCH bigger than my nearest town LOL. It is nice to get back to the tranquility (sanity?). I had a laugh at all of the 'bottoms' in your photo, the weanlings are enjoying breakfast! Even your 'yucky' photos was interesting - preferable even to a Lalique vase LOL! :) Lisa

  2. Always good to have a trip out and see how the other half live...and to confirm actually...no thanks!

  3. Thanks Karen, I'll take the tape worm over the Lalique Vase!

  4. I only travel through London now, when visiting UK, and that's enough! Most folks look miserable, (maybe because they don't have alpacas?!), everyone is in a hurry and yes it does make you appreciate returning home!

    Hope those tapeworms are soon history! Our vet reckons a second dose after a fortnight is needed to finish off those tough little blighters!