Another great weekend, lots of excitement, lots of laughs, and lots of rosettes and sashes. It was bitterly cold, and the weather was utterly dreadful but it didn't stop the fun.

I'm thrilled with my little show team of 8, the competition was huge, there were some stunning animals there and at one point, towards the end of there show, we were apparently neck and neck with Bozedown for Best Large Breeder award - not that I, or any one else for that matter, would ever consider us to be a large breeder with just over 50 alpacas!

The Sorcerer won his class and then Reserve Champion Grey Male, Bobby Dazzler and Eros came 4th and 6th in Junior Fawn, Callista 4th (for the 3rd time)  Junior White Female. Westways Testamant, who we part own CME and  Keith Taylor from Watership Alpacas, who was showing most of my entries for me,  came 2nd in Adult White Male.  Bonami our Intermediate Fawn boy won his class and then went on to win Champion Fawn Male, very exciting, and little Bond won Junior White Male again and then took Champion White Male - at that point I had to wipe away a couple of tears of joy!  I just wish I could remember all of the lovely comments the Judge Nick Harrington-Smith made, I know that one of them was "capacity in bucketfuls!"

Keith with Bonami

The boys waiting to go back into their field
Eros and Bond

The Sorcerer and Bonami

Callista and Bonaventure
Bonaventure stretching her legs - very happy to be home


  1. Congratulations Karen...what a stash...and the competition was very hot, even if the venue was not!

  2. Congratulations, what an impressive array of rosettes and champions.