Nothing much to report here, just winter routine of feeding, haying and cleaning out the shelters. The fields are looking a bit tired now, not much grass left and far too many mole hills - the mole man is coming out later today. It always amazes me how much soil a little mole can move in one night - little B's. Our flock of Redwings have visited us numerous times since Christmas, they're early this year, the elder bushes have begun to come into leaf and the snowdrops are out - Spring is truly on its way.

I've been halter training our 17 weanlings, 10 of them are now walking quite nicely, some better than others, and it's time to make a start on the rest.  They don't need long, just a few minutes at a time once a day, or maybe twice if I get the chance and it's dry, and after a few sessions or so they're done.  I spend more time cuddling them actually. I should be out there now training a couple, but I have the house to myself and I'm enjoying a second cup of coffee with a chocolate biscuit or two and no-one here to make me feel guilty - don't tell!

Our stable cat Marmalade has been in the wars, he must have been hit by a car, poor chap has had to have his tail amputated and he's on cage rest in our kitchen, getting thoroughly spoiled and used to central heating - he's definitely going to need his fleece filled box to sleep in when he goes out again. I've told him he's got to pay his way now and catch a few moles to make up for the Vets bill!

Anyway I must go and work off those biscuits so I'll leave you with a few pics...
Roll the Dice - loves to walk
The River Meon looking 'moody'
Greyjoy - one of my favorites
Athos with Rebecca - one of her favourites and a rare moment when he's standing still!
Balereon - one of the best walkers
Rebecca helping me with the cuddling sessions 
The girls one frosty morning
Halter training makes more sense to them if you walk towards some ladies!


  1. Some lovely colours there Karen, looking good.

  2. Yes, looking great Karen and very clean. I think it will cria shearing for the first time here this year!

  3. Cuddles from time to long as we don't overdo it, don't they come as part of the package, after all it's difficult to put a halter on without an accidental cuddle isn't it?! They all look delightful and definitely very cuddly!