Not been very good with the blogging lately .. just haven't had the chance. Anyway we have had another cria since Aglaia, last week from Bonita, started with a leg back, but then by the time we got organised to catch her to give her assistance, she'd sorted it out. However, after that she didn't seem to have any further contractions and as she had done this before I decided to give her a hand and I gently pulled her cria into the world - a gorgeous white boy - who she then promptly walked away from! So out with the lines and the penning and within less than a minute she realised that the wriggly bundle on the floor was her baby and not the lines and after another couple of minutes we couldn't get near him because she was so protective...! Keeping to the naming theme of starting with the first letter of the mum and maybe the sound, he is Bond - James Bond (well it amuses me anyway!).
Bonita and Bond
Agrippina and Aglaia

Aglaia, Mystery and Bond
Bond and Adele

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