Well the full moon worked it's magic on Alana and at breakfast time this morning it was clear she was in labour, bang on her 11 month due date. Why can't they all do that?!

Alana and Yara have very recently been sold and they were too near their due dates to be moved so have stayed here to have their crias and be mated again before leaving. No pressure then! Alana is an experienced female, I really didn't think there would be any problems, but you never know. By the time I had fed round she was beginning to push, and I could see a nose, I walked the 50 yards to the house to fetch the birthing kit and a clean towel, by the time I returned the cria was on the floor!

Dried off, sprayed and checked over, I put a coat on him as the wind was really chilly, it may be mid summer here, but even with the sun out it felt more like October.

He was up and found the milk bar quickly and after a couple of hours the sun did feel a little warmer so I took his coat off. He is a very handsome chap, well he would be, sired by Snowmass Royal Vision, with his unmistakable head and a super soft handle to what already feels a lovely dense fleece.

Our congratulations go to his new owners Andy, Sally and Ethan and I do hope that Yara will get on now and have her cria for them too, she was also due today.

Fletchwood Arthur

Alana and Arthur

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