I've had a busy day making the most of a whole day of dry weather. I topped three paddocks, poo-hoovered one, moved the July/August females to a new field and went to the dentist for a check-up - not bad eh?

No crias today, although one was due, but she did it early on Saturday in the pouring rain. Bonita who is our Supreme Champion girl decided to birth when we were busy weighing and vaccinating all the crias and doing a couple of matings in the yard. I left her to it for 15/20 minutes and then went to check on her - head and legs out, but one leg was no-where near as long as the other.  Armed with the lube and sleeves rolled up - rings in pocket,  I went to help her out... at this point it started to rain quite steadily. Protesting very loudly (Me and Bonita) and spitting furiously (Bonita) I had to keep up with her as she walked away from me - with my hand still inside her trying to locate the stuck elbow! Suddenly it popped through and the leg shot out to the same distance as the other - phew. I stepped back to let her get on with it. Heavier rain. She lay down and did nothing - just like last year and the year before... no more contractions. So in the now torrential rain I gently pulled the cria out, very easily actually. A boy, of course, and by the time I had rubbed him with the now quite damp towel and sprayed his umbilical and put a coat on him, Bonita had buggered off at speed to shelter under the trees on the other side of the field! Great - well I scooped him up and took him over to her and placed him at her feet  "Oh Yes" she said "I forgot that!"   She seemed fine with him and he was one of those really lively ones and was up and feeding within 10 minutes.  He still hasn't got a name, but I think he may be  a bit special - by Snowmass Royal Vision and that's why its hard to choose a name. Had a few suggestions already ... it has to start with as B. You'll have to wait and see what we call him. Anyway - here he is.

"B" Boy

Bonita with "B"

Missy - with Jack Black - an Aunty kiss


Cotton Fields

Topsey Turvey



Cassidy & Jack Black



  1. So a potential stud male..........Braveheart, Bombadier, Brigadier, Beelzebub, Brutus, Blizzard, Balthazar, Bandit, Barnabas, Bartholomew, Beauregard, Beethoven, Bentley, Brewster .............. Bob....any good?

  2. Some good ones there Mark - shortlist so far - Braveheart, Balthazar and Blade Runner, or and Brilliance, but not sure if he'll live up to that one!

  3. Be brave...he looks fabulous...he should be Brilliance!