Nothing to report, all this waiting for crias to arrive has had a rather odd effect on me.  This morning a very strange urge to clear out the cupboard under the kitchen sink overwhelmed me. Stuffed right at the back were all sorts of wondrous cleaning products I haven't seen in years!  I threw out half the contents, cleaned the shelves and then put what was left back in again. Can't work out why it looks more full than before, and I never will use that miracle oven cleaner - who cleans ovens anyway?!!!

So photos I took this afternoon...  

Bossy Boots & Dynasty 

Rinky Dink



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Rinky Dink checking out Dynasty's hernia strap

Our five pairs

Rinky Dink

Toffee and Rinky Dink

Rinky Dink

Bonaventure with Arthur and Bossy Boots

Bossy Boots


  1. Loving Rinky Dink and glad you stuck with the name but loving Dynasty more - marvellous look!

  2. Yes love the name Rinky Dink too and Dynasty...well worth the waiting! Lovely photos.