The weather felt more like February than mid May but the chilly rain didn't stop the fun with the Reception class of boys and girls from Meonstoke School today.

All dressed up in boots and waterproofs off we went to meet the alpacas who as usual were very pleased to see our little visitors - especially to have a look at their boots! We kept warm with the occasional race across a field and a hilarious gathering in a dust bath pretending to have a roll about! I was right in the middle of that so didn't get a picture!

Farm walk finished and we took shelter in the stable to look at alpaca food and fleece. A quick snack - a brilliant surprise for me of little cheesy nibbles.... and then all the boys and girls painted pictures. The finale was the whole class singing to me "Mrs Oglesby had a Farm ..... " to the tune of Old MacDonald!  Lovely!

All the Juniors meeting the Juniors!

A race to look at the Llama

Very good listening ears!

How cool are these snacks !
Tasty little llamas - I think they look more like alpacas!

Great picture - love it!

Artists at work

Wow - a whole herd!

Love the blue sky - not much of it around this morning!

This lady keen on multi's I think

Time for a song - complete with Hummmm!


  1. What a gorgeous post Karen! I love how the kids painted the 'pacas and sang - how cute is that? Some brilliant photos that show how much they all enjoyed themselves :) Lisa