Just so lovely to be woken by sunshine this morning and it has stayed with us all day. Perfect timing as we've had visitors to see the alpacas and the drowned rat look just doesn't have the same appeal!  I can't wait for our lot to be sheared now, they look a mess and fluffy tails and tums don't make it easy to keep an eye on impending cria movement.  Our first cria are due at the beginning of June, should be 22, maybe a couple more, we need to scan a couple of females again as we're not getting clear spit-offs. One of them, who scanned empty in March but is still rejecting, is  Sabrina, The Sorcerers mum. Either she's very hot in her fleece with a retained CL, or she does have a cria in there after all. If she is pregnant I will be so excited as I repeated the breeding with Ardingly.

We had bit of a photo shoot with the boys ....
Meon Valley Bond

meon Valley Bonami

Meon Valley The Sorcerer

Meon Valley Bobby Dazzler


  1. nothing like sunshine to make the day that much better :)


  2. Poor Bobby Dazzler, you could have put something on him!

    They are a very good looking bunch, well done, you must be very proud.

  3. Thank you Mark, yes BD does look a bit left out, he does have some rosettes but not a very impressive colour! He'll do better next year I think.