Phew, a very hot day! We had guests this morning, the lovely Reception Class from Meonstoke Primary School came for their annual visit, they entertained the alpacas with their lovely shoes and sun hats - why do alpacas get so fascinated with shoes? As always they behaved beautifully, the children that is, and came up with lots of really good questions. Then they all sat and painted pictures of the alpacas and took a big bag of fluff and post cards back to school. The alpacas showed off some bad behaviour with interesting noises and a bit of a spit-spat as they argued over the water tubs,  I've been a bit crafty with them last couple of days and put the water tubs the other side of the fence so they can drink from them but not climb in - means I don't have to refresh them quite so often! Gave them all a hose down this afternoon, so that kept them happy. We're not shearing til the beginning of June so they'll have to put up with being hot a while longer - there's plenty of shade under the trees....

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