Well I thought it was cold last weekend, but somehow this Saturday even rivalled that, and as I put on more and more layers in my efforts to keep warm I ended up looking like the Michelin man with Peter's white coat over the top of everything.  I felt so sorry for the Judge Val Fullerlove who hadn't got 'layered up' and seemed to be turning blue - for sure her legs must now be black and blue from all the kicks she received over the 2 days, embarrassingly one of them from our intermediate girl Bonaventure!

Our show team did well again and The Sorcerer continued his collection of sashes as Reserve Champion Grey Male, with his own sire Meon Valley Ardingly's great rival Nyetimber getting the Champion who then later went on to win Reserve Supreme. Eros came second in the Junior Fawn Males. Bonami won his Intermediate Fawn Male class and then went on to win Champion Fawn Male again, which we are thrilled about, he is a gorgeous boy and we will be trying him over a few of our girls this summer. Bonaventure, despite kicking the Judge, won her class of Beige Intermediate Female, I hope the reason she's temperamental is that she's pregnant, but when we scanned her a few weeks ago she looked empty, another scan needed I think as she won't let a male near her.

Rebecca - a real star this weekend with Callista

Supreme Line-up - Rebecca with Bonami 5th from the end!

Back home today and I'm going to put all the show stuff away and catch up with domestics, very dull. Peter's going to top a couple of the fields when they dry off and then I can move the girls and we can fertilise the other half of the farm. This evening I have a group of 20 people coming for a farm visit, I hope it's dry for them.

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