Just to let you know we are once again hosting a Fibre Testing Day on Tuesday 19th June with the AAFT.
There are to be a few improvements this year,  we don't have to huddle in the stable as we did last year, we now have our very warm and comfortable lecture room with 'mod cons' for the seminar in the morning.  AAFT owner Paul Vallely is going to be presenting "Advanced Methods for Utilising Fibre Analysis".

The cost of the seminar (optional) is £20 to include notes and refreshments. Fibre sampling will be going on all day from 10-4pm with test results printed out on the day, payment details on their website.

For those who haven't taken samples before you only need about the width of two fingers from the mid side, as close to the skin as possible - pop it into a paper bag or envelope and write the name of the animal and your farm name on it. Some people take samples at shearing but I always prefer to do my own before shearing when things aren't quite so hectic!  Another good thing to do is to take a slightly bigger sample and keep a bit back for yourself and then when you get the results compare them to what you can see and feel......

Please let me know if you'd like to come and roughly how many samples you'll be bringing and if you would like to attend the seminar.

Check out their website on www.aaft.com.au tell you about all the different aspects that are covered in the tests and lots of other interesting things.  I look forward to seeing you all on the day. Everyone welcome to stay as long as you like to gossip and have a walk round the farm in the afternoon.

And just because I know you'd like a picture ...

"Cotton Cake" - Ardingly's mum and The Sorcerer's Grandmother

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