Now I know summer is here, it's hot and sunny, I've been driving about in my ancient convertible, the very scruffy but loveable "Boris the Morris" (who just passed his MOT no problem once again) and excitingly on the paca front we have moved the 'due-in-June' girls, twelve of them, into the field by the house, the one our bedroom and my office looks out on. They have loads of grass and clover and lots of shady trees to sit under and it means we can keep a closer watch on them and look out last thing at night and first thing in the morning to check on them.

Calico with a Snowmass Quetzalcoatl on board 
Making use of the shade

Dove and Beulah at the front both with Snowmass Incan King xxx pregnancies and  Moya
the grey with a MV Goldrush on board

Bettina the black has a Kazzan on board, Andromeda in the middle with a Snowmass Invincibly Elite x, and
Selene with a Nyetimber

Selene and Strawberry Shortcake, daughter and mother both carrying Nyetimbers

Moya, Cotton Cake in the middle with a  Nyetimber and Beulah

Dove who insisted on a close up 

Bretta has a Snowmass Quetzalcoatl on board

Toffee Apple a  Snowmass Incan King xxx



Yara has a Kazzan same as her mum Bettina
 Oh and I just can't keep up with the water when they keep getting in it so -
A crafty way of stopping them climbing into the water tubs!

And anther solution....
Can't wait for these crias - should be some interesting colours - I think I might start taking bets on the various outcomes!


  1. Hi Karen,
    Just found your blog and loving it! I pass your farm a couple of times a week going to and from work and always get excited spotting your alpacas.
    Can you please let me know what days/times are you open to visitors so we can meet them?

    1. Thank you Nicola,

      Our Open Days are usually in August, but not sure if we're having one this year as we have lots of family commitments, but keep an eye on the website for details.


  2. I love new babies!! We are waiting on a few here too (we have 3 due in June). Come on healthy crias :)

  3. Looks like you are in for a very colourful summer. Keep the browns to a minimum though, it's hard enough as it is!