We managed to get half of our fields fertilised whilst we had a dry spell in the week, but sadly we have missed the opportunity to spray the buttercups because of the rain and so they'll have to wait til the autumn.  Peter spot sprayed the few thistles we have in the same fields, so they're all out of bounds for a week or so. The grass is growing like mad now despite the cold, and it won't be long before we have to top the long bits in the fields, seems such a waste, but there's no point leaving it long, they won't eat it, and they'll graze it more evenly after it's been topped. Our birthing fields by the house have been rested for a few months so they'll be clean for June when we start having the crias.

Rebecca and I are off to The South of England Show this afternoon at Ardingly, we go early as I'm on duty as Inspection Steward. Our boys are in the stable ready to go, I kept them in overnight as the forecast was grim, which was accurate, we woke to what feels like a winters day of wind and rain. The two girls Callista and Bonaventure I had left out and they were soaked, but it's stopped raining now and hopefully they're drying off in the wind.

Bond, The Sorcerer, Bobby Dazzler, Ero and Bonami
Will report back soon - wish us luck!

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  1. You don't need luck with your show team Karen...but good luck anyway!