Is it just me or does anyone else waste two days staring at one alpaca waiting for her to produce a cria? I do wish she's just get on with it ... I need to go food shopping!

It's a bit like watching tennis here - the June lot are to the North of the house, with still two to go, and the July/August lot, ten in all, are on the South side. I have to keep going backwards and forwards from office to kitchen, via the biscuit barrel, ginger creams - yum, to check on them all the time. At least I'm getting plenty of exercise over the styles from one side of the garden to the other when it's not chucking it down with rain.

Anyway - today we have had at least 4 hours dry weather... no sunshine but did manage to take some pics of the crias.

I'm hoping to announce the birth of a few more on the next post...

Topsey Turvey

Cotton Fields - she's so nosy and loves a neck rub

Bamboozle and the very feminine Brie behind him


Caption please

Macy Grey


  1. A lovely looking bunch especially Topsey Turvey!

  2. Caption: "up a bit - no, down a bit - left a bit - that's it, there - cor fantastic!"

  3. They are so cute, wonderful.
    Have never seen this race before - Lamas yes but not these.

    Thanks for sharing.