Well, nothing for ages and then two in one morning ... just like waiting for a bus. Alana has been the focus of my attention for the past week. Despite still having Yara and Andromeda to go in the June lot - the July girls look more ready. For three days Alana hardly new what to do with herself - I'm guessing the cria was the wrong way round or something.  But the last couple of days she's been happy again, perhaps she managed to move it about to a more comfortable position.  This morning with no prior warning she popped her cria out whilst I was having my breakfast  - what a relief for us both! As usual for her within a couple of days of 11 months. A stunning little Snowmass Royal Vision boy, he was a bit slow to get going, but a few mouthfuls of Kick-start and a bit of help to get on his feet and he was away. Then, within an hour or so Aggrippina, not 11 months til the 17th was in labour. Also pregnant to Royal Vision and this time a lovely solid fawn, I think quite dark, poor little chap hasn't had chance to dry off properly all day thanks to the rain showers. Both doing really well despite the heavy rain showers - at least it's warm outside.

Alana & Alfie and Aggrippina and (no name as yet)

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  1. oh I love birth day!!! Congrats on 2 in one day, that's a bonus :)