Talking about the weather is a very British thing, the seemingly endless rain and particularly today's thundery downpours has to be worth a small mention here, if only that I love the kind of skies it's bringing and I can't resist getting out of the car to take pictures and thought you might like to see them?

On the paca front we have another couple of boys to introduce you to - yes we have entered the boy phase, I do hope we can move on from there soon....  All fine, though I have put Cassandra and Cassidy,  in a stable tonight as she wasn't standing very long for him to feed and with all the rain we're having I do think he deserves a full tummy -  stable confinement for a day or so usually sorts the bonding/feeding out.

Must go and cook our sausages so I will leave you to the photos - enjoy!

Cassandra and Cassidy finding his feet

A few hours later

Three lovely boys from Snowmass Royal Vision

Breakfast time for the boys

Yara with Jack Black

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Cassidy's ears make me smile

Views across the Meon Valley