Well what's been going on - a bit of Summer mainly, very hot days and dry weather for over a week ... until today, that is, when my good friend Nikki and I took the dogs for a walk, via the pub, as you do, where we had a wonderful curry buffet at the White Horse in Droxford. More of that later.....

This week we have had crias from Missy, a rather stunning dark brown female by Snowmass Incan King,  Andromeda a cute little boy who's a 'sort of light fawn' by Snowmass Invincibly Elite xx and then today Ena, our spotty girl,  had a rather gorgeous female by our own 'Mr Grey' - Meon Valley Ardingly. Ena very cleverly waited until a very heavy downpour had finished to produce her cria ... this one I had been really looking forward to - well what would an appaloosa produce from a grey ... see the picture below - I'm loving the result and will definitely be repeating that breeding!

Back to this afternoon's walk - well we got about 5 minutes way from the pub and an almightily rumble of thunder heralded a "shower" .. ..do we go on or do we go back??? A quick look at the sky and we decide to go on ... WRONG! Rain got heavier, and heavier and heavier, then hailstones, big ones, more thunder, lots of lighting - we tried to shelter under a hedge ... worked for a bit but then the rain which was now torrential came through! I peeped out to have a look at the sky and an enormous bolt of lightning came down about 100 yards away followed almost immediately by a huge clap of thunder - "Oh dear" I said!!! Actually, I said something else, but I know who reads this.... By now we were soaked and laughing hysterically - actually very funny but really rather scary, which of course makes it all the more funny- if you know what I mean. It took us about 25 minutes to walk home, lots more thunder - lots more laughter - sOOO much rain! As we walked up our drive the sun came out and the rain stopped ... I think they call that sods law? We stood outside the kitchen door still giggling about it all and as I was wringing my socks out a final enormous rumble of thunder that just went on and on directly over our heads heralded the end of the storm ...

Andromeda and her new cria 
Ardingly - the girls just love our "Mr Grey", Sabrina is the lucky one!
"Enigma" an Ardingly daughter - Ena a proud Mum
Akela - due in a few days, another Ardingly - what will it be??? 
Medusa - also due any day to Snowmass Invincibly Elite
Missy with her Snowmass Incan King daughter Marah


  1. Great photos Karen...now was it only your socks that you had to wring out...if so it wasn't as wet as Cumbria!!

  2. No Barbara, it wasn't just the socks! Nikki had to borrow clothes to go home in too!

  3. I agree, we also love greys, they are so exciting as we never quite know what will arrive...always gorgeous whatever it is and delightful spinning material!

    Hope those "socks" have dried out...at least the grass got a watering!