Nyetimber & Ena
The Snowmass boys have been busy - Incan King and Quetzalcoatl have had a couple of hot dates with my girls each again today and we also have the gorgeous Nyetimber here who is charming the grey ladies ...

We had a vet visit today to see one of the crias,  she has a very nasty eye infection. We decided to give her plasma, as she's had a couple of other little problems since birth and could have a compromised immune system. We harvested plasma from our males back in the winter and it was just a matter of getting comfortable on the straw with her whilst in slowly dripped in - shame I don't have a picture of us both dozing off. We had already given her antibiotics and so now we have to just wait and see what happens.

Peter has been topping the grass again - seems such a shame not to be able to make grass pellets or something with it, but at least the pacas eat most of it as it dries out and the rest just disappears. The fields look lovely and the pacas graze far more evenly.


  1. I saw Nyetimber's fleece at the Scottish National fleece show last year, it was fabulous. You should get some stunning cria next year.

  2. Hello Karen, We have handsome young grey boy, with the same Golden Gun genetics as Nytimber, so we are watching with anticipation and excitement!