The last group of due females gave me the run around today.. Missy, one of our blacks,  pregnant to Incan King, presented me with the classic pose of 'baby coming' by lying flat on her side with her head up and looking at her tummy for 5 minutes or more, so I decided to change my plans for the day as Peter had gone flying. By lunchtime Aggripina was looking uncomfortable. Well come on then girls. But no, it was far too nice a day and they just lazed about in the sunshine instead.

Just been out to give the 'bottles', as they have become known, their last feed and everything smells of hay - wonderful. A fabulous full moon has risen above our trees and it's a beautiful creamy light fawn - does this mean we will get a light fawn tomorrow? Will have to call it moonlight or luna or something if we do..

Anyway here's some pics to be going on with..



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  1. They do certainly keep you on your toes and giving quite a guessing game. But like always they will only come when they are fully cooked. Hope they arrive very soon