After all that lovely sunny weather Missy waited until today's torrential rain this morning to gave birth in the field shelter to a lovely little solid mid brown female, who despite her rather small size at just 6 kg, was up on her feet in minutes and then paraded at top speed around the field by Missy in the pouring rain.   Given the weather and Missy's rather agitated state and slight reluctance to stand still for her cria to find the milk bar, I brought them into a warm dry stable and have left them in there for the night with a companion and will put them out again tomorrow.  Oh and we have called her Mystery...

We're exhibiting at the Rare Breed Show at Singleton tomorrow, it's a lovely old fashioned country show with lots of rare breed farm animals and wool crafts. I always hanker after a wensleydale sheep or two when I'm there, and the cattle are gorgeous. I have come home with a rabbit before and some chickens once too. It's held at the Open Air Museum where there are some fabulous very ancient houses that have been reconstructed on site, and the views of the South Downs are stunning.  I just hope that it's not too windy and wet as we only have our little gazebo at this one. I'll try and remember to take lots of photos.


  1. Typical!! wait for the bad weather and give birth!. Congratulations on a lovely looking cria, what a gorgeous colour. She looks like she is saying and what are you looking at!!


  2. Oh Karen,What a clever girl Missy is.
    Her cria,Mystery is beautiful!
    Such a lovely colour.
    Kind regards,
    Lynn in Aldershot