So Windy!

I feel like I've been sand blasted ... it's so windy today and noisy trees too! Peter and I have spent the day clearing out rubbish that we've managed to hoard down the stables for the last 14 years - why do we do that? The more space there is available the more stuff we collect?  I suppose it's a matter of putting off going to the tip ... anyway we managed to fill the stock trailor with unwanted stuff and took it along to the dump. They don't let you in with a 'horse box' "it's not a horse box" I pleaded, but to no avail.... and we had to park outside. Actually, I knew this would happen and we had stuffed in a couple of wheelbarrows for the job. Interesting places tips, people act so weird at them don't they - all looking at what everyone else is dumping but not wanting to be noticed!  One of the things we took was a huge gazebo that we bought for our open day some years back... we hadn't taken it down straight away and we had a really windy day, like today, and the whole thing took off and smashed to bits ... one chap at the dump spied the poles and nabbed them - good for him! The skip police were sharp, I got told off about the cardboard box I threw in household waste... tut tut.... anyway thats half of it gone and I left the trailor on the car for the next load tomorrow....?

Meanwhile, the due girls are still keeping us waiting. They're spending the days lounging about in the very pregnant way that they do, resting their bellies on the ground with their front legs stretched out in front of them.  They're also doing the standing staring thing alot ... what are they thinking about when they do that?  I did think for a while this morning that Calico was maybe going to birth, but she just took her time at the poo pile - a false alarm.

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