And still we carry on with the clearing out - massive bonfire and another trip to the dump ... but we are beginning to see the benefit now, another day I reckon and it'll be done.... anyway thats all getting boring now so here are some pics I took this evening of some of our expectant girls... some have huge tummies - they lost their figures years ago, and some are just cute..

Ena - due 02.06.11 to Snowmass Incan King XXX

Beulah - due 03.06.11 to Snowmass Incan King XXX

Sabrina - due 13.06.11 to Meon Valley Ardingly
Toffee Apple due 19.05.11 to CME Tulaco Centurion

Calico II due 06.6.11 to Snowmass Quetzalcoatl

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