Now that's my idea of a fun day out -  off to the Westways Auction in Dorset with a buddy, catalogue marked up with ticks and circles, done late last night before turning out the light .....  Arrived in plenty of time to have a good look at them all, and get a bacon roll and coffee, obligatory on these occasions and a quick catch up with old friends.

There were some very tempting lots, but I held fast and waited for my definate tick... and I got her .. a lovely white pregnant female -  she was a real bargain, and I'm very happy and looking forward to seeing her cria due this summer and to breeding with her in the future.  Then it was Donna's turn - her first auction, so much excitment  -  with a bit of encouragement and the odd nudge she started to bid ... yep she got her bargain too!  Then in a bit of a flurry of bids, 3 of us made a joint purchase on a very promising young male for the future.   I love auctions - I love alpacas - what a buzz! Cheers!!

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