Topping, topping, topping ... I think this is round 3, but whatever the fields certainly needed doing. Our ancient little red tractor has been OS for a couple of weeks with a head gasket thingy gone, but is back now and working very hard, with me and Peter taking turns at the wheel.

On the machinery front, I am very seriously considering buying a PTO driven paddock sweeper to go behind the tractor ... there is no way I can keep up with the amount of poo they're all producing with our little sweeper and once full I find it impossible to empty it..

This afternoon I put all the non-pregs in with the Junior females. Very entertaining as they all got close to each other- they have been in adjoining fields for ages, but they found all this very exciting.

Now a warning - today has been warm and humid, a very typical fly strike day. Little Marah had a few flies buzzing round her and no-one else did. On close inspection she had a sore place between her toes on one foot and it was attracting the flies, so out with the antiseptic spray and the fly-strike stuff just in case.

Enjoy the pics...

Dynasty and Jumper

Good Karma and Calico


Good Karma

Medusa - she loves having her photo taken!

Macy Grey and her mum Strawberry Shortcake back together

BonBon not wishing to put up with Bonnie

Medusa again!

Bit of a colour thing going on here and spot the upside down Rebecca!

Bettina telling her daughter BerryCherry off!

Cotton Fields trying to sidle up to her mum Cotton Fields.


  1. Lovely photos Karen, Dynasty looks especially lovely.

    PTO driven paddock sweeper? Best decision we have made regarding poo!

  2. hopefully buying Bettina her daughter berrycherry is sooo cute

  3. Awwww! I love Bettina! So looking forward to getting our alpacas this summer! Actually hoping to get Bettina herself!!!

  4. I'm with Barbara on Dynasty...gorgeous, however, they are all looking lovely in the sun!