Three of our boys went off to new homes this week. Meonstoke has gone to live with our retired stud boys Grayling, Ocho and Sir G and I gather there has been a few punch-ups whilst they're all sorting out whose going to be boss, but as they're old buddies and there's no females about I'm sure they'll sort it out soon. They're only a couple of miles away and so I see them quite often when I drive past their field which is lovely.

This morning Bobby Dazzler and Midlington were delivered to their new owners, who also live not far away.  They're going keep another two wethers company, along with a couple of jacob sheep and some chickens. They were very unsure of themselves when we put them in the paddock - their faces were a picture as they were approached by the sheep. I held my breath whilst the chickens pecked about near their feet ... the thought of a startled kick sending a ball of feathers skyward being a strong image in my mind, but thankfully they stood stock still!  I'll particularly miss Bobby D' as he's such a gentle soul and usually walks beside me in the mornings to the feed trough with my hand on his back.  Their new owners have grand children and I'm sure they'll have fun with them when they visit.

This weekend we're off the The North Somerset Show .. leaving home at 5.30am, which means I won't sleep a wink for fear of not hearing the alarm, but it's either that or sleeping in a tent and I'm not that hardy anymore! We're were only allowed to enter 6, so choosing the team was tricky. Should be fun though and I'll report back when I've caught up on my sleep in the week!

Midlington and Bobby Dazzler about to leave home

"What is this woolly thing!"

"If we hide our faces no-one will see us!!"


  1. Sounds like you rboys will be very happy once they have settled in :) Good luck with the North Somerset Show! :) Lisa

  2. Don't worry about the chickens...when our fiesty hen goes into the paddock with the alpacas in, they soon learn who's boss...those beaks are equally as dangerous as alpaca feet!! Good luck at the show!