The alarm went off at 5am ... bit of a shock, but more for Rebecca than me! The promise of a sunny day had dawned very foggy, and quite chilly and I did wonder whether packing T-shirts and SPF 30 might be a tad optimistic, but as it turned out we needed both.

Originally from Somerset, I was vaguely aware of where I had to go, but having never been to this show before I was very relieved when my sat-nav got us there on time and without any wrong turns.

The venue was idyllic - a very English Country scene and soon the show ground was packed to bursting point.  Why don't they put more loos about and more ice-cream stalls too, like right next to our ring for instance?  There was a 'foodie' van selling all sorts of weird stuff like dried worm crisps and exotic meats, such as zebra, crocodile and ALPACA burgers.  An unfortunate pitch choice I thought, maybe the organisers thought watch alpacas - eat alpacas! Not that I'm adverse to people eating alpacas as long as they've had a good life and a humane death ... sorry to upset some of you!  I'm certain there will be a meat market here in the future. (Discussion for another day!) I haven't tried it yet and apparently it is delicious and I will one day - I have threatened one in the past, but found a home for him! They were our nearest 'food' but being first thing in the morning we went for the safe option of their bacon roll, which was fairly disgusting and so I decided not to go for the 'burger' at lunchtime and had a rather lovely ice cream instead, and then another one later too!

Anyway, I digress, so back to the show. We took 5 in the end, Eros had rubbed all the fleece off his ears because of the midges and so we didn't take him.

Now comes the horribly braggy bit, please skip straight to the photos unless you really want to know how we did!

Macy Grey was first in the ring - there weren't many grey females but she was placed first and then went on to win Champion Grey Female. Good.

The Sorcerer was next - he always behaves so badly in the ring, he's quite angelic at home honestly! The Judge Dominic Lane (now with bruised shins - not just from TS) has a special interest in greys, well he just loved him. He praised him in every way possible, but the one word which has stuck in my mind was "Wow.  He won his class and then went on to win Champion Grey Male. Excellent - really, really good. I'm very happy.

Then it was Enigma's turn - Rebecca took her in, a half sister to The Sorcerer - same sire -Meon Valley Ardingly.  A class of 6 and she took 1st and then went on to win Reserve Champion Black Female. Really good - very pleased.

Bonami - fawn adult male - 1st and then Champion Fawn Male - he did it again bless him! Excellent. Even happier!

Bonnie - Beige Junior Female, she is a sweetie and my favourite of our little girls.  1st and Reserve Champion!

What a result! And to top it all Dominic said that The Sorcerer was very much in the running for the Supreme! We really enjoyed the show, relaxed and friendly with plenty of time to chat and eat ice cream! Thank you Garry and team for organising it and to the Judge for some great comments and results - pay you later - JOKE!!! (not that he reads this drivel I'm sure!) Nationals next - bigger show altogether and don't expect to do anything like as well!

Sorry - so much excitement I kept forgetting to take pictures! Here are the girls going back to their field this morning...

Bonnie, Enigma and Macy Grey

Sorry can't show you any more pictures tonight - our internet is desperately slow and won't upload the photos - only 3 more anyway - will add them tomorrow!


  1. Congratulations Karen...I will add another WOW!

    1. Thank you Barbara! Have a good time apprenticing tomorrow!

  2. Congratulations Karen! WOW exactly!! What a great success, you must be very proud (and very full from all of that ice cream LOL) :) Lisa

  3. I was so busy in the ring, I didn't get chance to get my legs out! Well done Karen and Rebecca.