Amazing, we've had some dry days and so I've been halter training.  Rebecca has helped me a lot with this but now she's back to school I have to keep going on my own and so far so good. Today we (the pacas and I) progressed to a short walk along our woodland path with me taking two at a time. This seems to help hugely, maybe because it's all so different in there they cling to me a bit and have each other for reassurance. As I have 21 to do this year I have split them into girls and boy groups. Just training the girls at the moment and 10 out of the 11 are walking quite well. Melissa however refuses to go anywhere and flops down on her side and plays dead ... the only way I can get her to walk on the halter is to follow loose buddies about where she chooses with me following behind her, maybe she'll get the hang of it soon?

The season of advertising seems to be upon us and I am filled with dread... hours spent designing them and choosing pictures and wondering what to write in editorials.  I have spent at least 3 hours today on it today, was quite pleased with the results, only to discover that only half of it seems to come out when I try and send to anyone -- aaahhh.

Photos of the girls in training - I had a lovely morning with them with lots of cuddles!

Macy Grey and Anastasia

Mila and Crystal

Marah and Brie

Cotton Fields and Enigma

Berry Cherry and Bonnie

Melissa - won't walk to the woods!


  1. Gorgeous photos Karen! Trainer and photographer very impressive!

  2. Also spent hours on advert then realised it had to be portrait not landscape, so had to start all over again!

  3. What stunning Alpacas! They are just gorgeous. I laughed about Melissa refusing to walk in the woods - poor thing! :) Lisa