Yesterday morning, seems such a long time ago now, I looked out of the window just after 5am to see that Moya had delivered her cria who was already running about in the rain. Now the only times I can get away with waking Rebecca, without a load of flack, that early is for a show or if Moya is birthing and so we both went outside to see to them.

Moya has been Rebecca's since she was a cria herself, Moya that is not Rebecca, the agreement is that any female cria she has she can keep but any boys have to be sold ... the last few have been boys, so she was thrilled to find that this one was a girl and she has called her Mila. Incidentally, Rebecca has negotiated a few swaps and collected females along the way,  I think she has come off rather well... We did the essentials and then popped a coat on her - just as well as the weather deteriorated to a howling gale with bucket fulls of rain deluging us all day. Both crias seemed fine, warm and dry under their coats and playing happily together, so we left them out.  I woke at 3.30 am this morning and had to go and see for myself that they were still OK - they were fine.

Today has been dry thankfully, though still very windy. We have shearing tomorrow and so I am keeping everything crossed that it stays dry and that the wind calms down a bit.

Why do some mums drink their cria's wee?


Mila and Moya


  1. my theory on why the moms drink the cria pee is that by the taste they can tell if the baby is healthy or not. We have a dam that will do that to other girls when they are near labor. I swear she is the herd health nurse, testing to see who is healthy and who is not. Just my idea, I have no proof :)