Can't believe how lucky we were today given the recent weather to have not only a dry day but one with quite a bit of sunshine and just a gentle breeze.  Our regular team of helpers arrived at 8am and so along with the shearers Michael, Thomas and Luke and working two shearing stations we rapidly worked our way through 49 animals by 12.15 with a coffee break!

Our huge thanks to Allison and Stuart, Donna and Lucy (the A Team) and Jonathon who came on work experience, having met alpacas for the first time yesterday and has already volunteered for next year - marvellous!  The kids were a great help too - well done Rebecca, Lucy and James!

All the fleece is now skirted, weighed and bagged up and our now beautifully streamlined and elegant alpacas are back in the fields. I just love to see them sheared ... and they seem so relieved and happy to be free of all that fluff ... just hope they won't be too cold tomorrow when it rains. So thats that over with for another year.

Yearling girls and boys getting reacquainted over the gate

Callista yesterday
Callista today

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